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"Cesca Chair" Original Polaroid Emulsion Lift

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Jacki’s background is in photography and she loves the art of creating polaroid emulsion lifts. She first took the polaroid photo and then did the emulsion lift process by hand. She then carefully transferred the polaroid emulsion onto watercolor paper, setting the image and manipulating it just right to give it that artful look. Each polaroid transfer is unique with the way the film tears and wrinkles as it’s being set on paper under water. 

This is an original photo, so it is a one-of-a-kind piece of art. The photo is permanently set on cold press 140 lb watercolor paper and the size is 5" x 7. It is titled “Cesca Chair“ and was created in 2023. The front is signed and the back has the title, artist name and year written on it.

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