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"I’m very intentional when I shop for jewelry. I buy with the intention of my jewelry being passed down. My wedding ring is a family heirloom, and some of my favorite pieces I own have been passed down from my great-grandmother. When I purchased a pair of JAX Atelier earrings, I knew they were exceptional and timeless. They are actual works of art. The earrings are so incredibly lightweight; I wear them all day with no problem. They have become a staple piece of jewelry I wear often, and every time they’re worn, they attract inquiries and compliments."
~ Chelsea C.

"I've never gotten so many compliments on jewelry. These one of a kind pieces of wearable art are the perfect way to dress up any outfit – from jeans to dresses and even leggings, they bring the perfect pop of color to your style! The quality is amazing and every pair of earrings I have (10 and counting...I think I'm obsessed and need help...ha!) are so lightweight I hardly even remember I have them on, but then someone else tells me they love them!"
~ Eden H.
"Jacki has a beautiful and creative soul that is the perfect beginning of a great experience. She selected my earrings for me - something I never would have picked - and they fit ‘me’ perfectly. I wear them most days because they are the kind of neutral that fits with anything. I love that they are super lightweight and don’t ever irritate my very sensitive ears. Jacki’s attention to detail and customer service made it perfect." 
~ Jess M.
"I love shopping at JAX Atelier. Jacki's jewelry is beautiful, one of a kind and made with love because she gives back to the community with each sale that she makes. Her earrings are so lightweight that I can wear them all day and forget that I have them on. I always get so many compliments when I wear her earrings!"
~ Janice G.
"I am so impressed with the beautiful and artful creations from JAX ATELIER! I have been purchasing and wearing her pieces constantly! All my other earrings accumulated over the years are now donated as they are too heavy and not as artistically designed. I even forgot I was wearing a pair when I went on a power walk and didn't feel a thing tugging at my ears! I made a workout statement that you can exercise and still look amazing! I always stay tuned to her new creations and love the ease of purchasing online!"
~ Marie F.
"I love how unique and bright your jewelry is; I get compliments every time I wear one of the several pairs of earrings I got from you. I’ve had trouble with larger earrings in the past, but these are so light and comfortable I forget I have them on. Great quality for a great price…and I love that you support local causes."
~ Katie G.

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